Reports of poltergeist activity date back to 26AD (many moons ago!), however, our spirits are a new entity in the story of the paranormal.

Combining premium distilling and stories of lost souls, we ode to bring you carefully crafted beverages with diverse narrative and a ploy to aid you in calming your noisy spirit, with us… your new favourite spirits brand.

The Gin

Poltergeist The Gin is a premium blend of lavender and honey, augmented with a twist of orange as-well-as other carefully selected botanicals.

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The Pink

Poltergeist The Pink is an elegant variation of our flagship gin (Poltergeist ‘The Gin’), featuring a premium rhubarb extract with fresh undertones of our signature lavender and honey.


News, recipes and paranormal disturbances.
Poltergeist Negroni

Poltergeist Negroni

A simple, traditional recipe that has stood the test of time. We’re happy to raise our glass to you and confirm that our Poltergeist Gin

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